Smell the sea and feel the sky,
let your soul and spirit fly

Come onboard our luxury fleet of speedboats and cruise your way to the exclusive side of Greek Summer. Our high speed boats and our experienced and fully-trained staff will take you away from the crowds to introduce you to the majestic landscapes, hidden coves, and translucent waters.

Sale Mare takes the raw ingredients of the Greek summer – sea, light, aroma, gastronomy, wine, culture- and combines them to create a thrilling life time experience.

With our personalized luxury services, our team will introduce you to the Greek hospitality (known as ‘philoxenia’) and will create a unique itinerary just for you: whether it is transporting you to your chosen destination, a daily private excursion, or organizing a cruise holiday.

Get in touch with us for an opportunity to feel your heart and mind with the … “exclusive side of Greece”.